Curtis Joe Walker Photography

Curtis has been a passionate photographer since enrolling in his first photography course at the Community College of Southern Nevada. Originally learning on 35mm film before digital photography emerged as the dominant medium.

In 2006, Curtis emerged as a professional photographer, working for a local home builder doing architectural shots of model homes, during the housing bubble. Supplementing this income with other gigs such as event photography, editorial work and photojournalism propelled him onto the larger stage where people could appreciate his work.

Through the use of new media tools on the internet and creating galleries and profiles on these sites, he was able to get his work noticed by people in the media world. By reaching out to publications that he felt passionate about, he was able to begin sharing his talents in writing and photography with the journalistic world.

Curtis Joe Walker has had created content for: Jalopnik, Gizmodo, Fleshbot, io9, Consumerist, Dvice, Wired, Hustler, Urb, King, Las Vegas City Life, Las Vegas Seven, Professional Photographer Magazine, Examiner, Vice, The Horse Backstreet Chopper and others.

The showstopping images he creates as the product of dynamic lighting, expert composition and visual storytelling are eyepopping and unforgettable. Whether the subject is a person or an inanimate object, the purpose of the image is the same: to capture an emotion or a perspective photographically so that it can provoke.

During the economic recession, Curtis further dug his heels into the photographic sand and opened a studio in the Las Vegas Arts District neighborhood with some photographer partners in April of 2010. Dubbing it Photo Bang Bang, the studio has grown in function from a basic studio white space to a collection of themed sets and props. The studio is a constantly changing space and has hosted photo sessions, music videos, TV and film production as well as live performance and screenings. The multifunctional space and photography community connector role of the studio has served to inspire and intrigue those who experience it.

Curtis has shown photos in group and solo exhibitions at his studio, Brett Wesley Gallery, Blackbird Studios, 222 Gallery, Artifice, Atomic Liquors, CSN and Sin City Gallery. His art is available for sale online and in person where displayed.


Curtis is available for hire for the following rates:

$250 for 3 hours of studio time. Wardrobe changes and set changes allow for many looks to be achieved.

$450 for a half day of location shooting. portraiture, automotive shots, architecture, 

$1500 and up for weddings and engagement photos

$500 senior photos

$300 per scene for adult work on location.

$50 headshot and portrait days

$50 Pet Portrait days

$300 per day photojournalism

Analog, digital and instant photography services.